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10 Ways to Improve Your Office Etiquette

It is often the little things that make the difference between liking or disliking someone, so follow these tips from Calvin Sun at TechRepublic to ensure you are on the right side of that fence. First, watch the volume of your voice; nobody wants to be that person that everyone is always wishing will shut up. Use speakerphones thoughtfully. Be mindful about what you bring for lunch, especially if it smells really bad or really spectacular, and keep the break room clean. Respect each other’s privacy, and if you want to solicit something, do not be obnoxious about it. Make your best attempt to fix anything you accidentally break. Be punctual for meetings. Avoid borrowing or lending. And for Pete’s sake, do not ask coworkers how to spell when you have Google right there in front of you, yeesh.

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