3 Simple Improvement Techniques Most Managers Learn Too Late

Since most managers get the role thrust upon them instead of naturally seeking it out, it means that most managers have not received much formal training. Several of those managers may approach their obligations unconsciously, not giving much thought to whether or not the way they are managing people is the best possible way. In an article for Inc., Robin Camarote shares these three little tips that can make your management more effective:

  1. Insist on feedback from your staff. You need to know if your employees think what you are doing is working. Additionally, it is just useful to know where you stand with your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Listen to your gut—but also invite other sources of information. Make a conscious effort to weigh options as impartially as possible.
  3. Develop your skills at having difficult conversations, especially as they pertain to active listening and empathy. It is in difficult situations when honesty and transparency are even more important than usual, so you need to be prepared to talk about uncomfortable things.

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