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4 Characteristics of Leaders Who Get Hired and Promoted

It would be convenient if somebody with wisdom and power would just tell you how to get promoted. So in a post for Be Leaderly, Jo Miller has shared the wisdom of Oracle executive John Hall on what types of employees he deems most valuable. Here are the four characteristics of people who get promoted:

  1. Not dramatic
  2. Data-centric
  3. Results-oriented
  4. High integrity

Elevator Behavior

Hall values “adult behavior,” meaning employees do not carry a cloud of drama with them. People need to be able to work well together. That does not mean that there will never be disagreements between people, but it does mean that disagreements should only ever arise in a respectable, negotiable manner. Ultimately, everyone puts the good of the business at the forefront.

Another valuable behavior is being data-centric. Leaders do not just want to hear an ambiguous “Everything is great.” They want to know how much better things are, or they want to know by how much things have declined. When you bring specific data to a conversation and can describe things in terms of percentages, you earn more credibility and faster with executives.

About being results-oriented, Miller shares this:

“At Oracle we have very specific objectives around revenue, margin, market share, customer satisfaction, and quality,” Hall says.

He takes care to clearly define and communicate goals, and then relies on team-members to drive toward those results with little handholding along the way. “I’ve had success with describing the finish line in extremely clear, data-centric terms. I tend to hire great people and make sure they know the objectives.”

Not clear what constitutes success in your role? Ask your manager to clarify your objectives, so you can measure and report your progress against clearly defined targets.

Top that off with a healthy dose of integrity, so that everyone can trust each other, and you have yourself a winning combination.

You can view the original post here: http://www.beleaderly.com/4-characteristics-leaders-get-hired-promoted/

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