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How Leaders Shape Company Culture

What does a strong company culture look like? When you think about Google, you think of bright, airy offices and ping pong rooms full of enthusiastic nerds and hipsters. (Well, that is what I imagine anyway.) But as Karina Fabian points out in an article for Business News Daily, a …

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What Makes a Great Leader? 7 Pros Share Their Views

If there were one definitive perspective of what makes a great leader, people would stop writing books about what great leadership is. Instead, great leadership can mean different things at different times. So in an article for Business News Daily, Nicole Fallon collects insights from seven different business leaders in …

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3 Emails That Teach Powerful Leadership Lessons

Great leaders set the example. And when it comes to being CEO of a major, world-renowned corporation, it had better be a really great example. In an article for Inc., Justin Bariso examines impactful corporate emails written by the leaders of Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon that perfectly set the example …

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How to Coax Leaders Out of Your Employees

Nobody knows your business as well as the people who already work in it. So when it comes to finding more leaders to guide the organization, it is practical to search for them inside the company first. You could in fact be the one who makes employees realize that they …

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Are You a Responsible Leader?

Everyone with an ounce of self-awareness strives to be responsible, but what does it mean to be a responsible leader these days? Well, it means developing a comprehensive understanding of the business and business trends, so that your team is ready to embrace innovations as they strike. In an article …

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