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5 Tips to Keep Your Mind Sharp and Agile

People typically fall into routines, and once they get in routines, it can be hard to break them with new experiences. Thus, maybe you should make new experiences a part of your routine. In an article for Entrepreneur, Scott Halford shares five tips for having a daily routine that allows …

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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Learning

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you’re not living, you’re dying”? Perhaps it might also be said, “If you’re not learning, you’re getting dumber.” There are terrific benefits to being a continuous learner in life. In an article for Inc., A.J. Agrawal highlights four of them: You’ll become happier. …

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6 Tips to Retain Empathy as a Boss

Power does not have to go to your head when you become management. More power should only mean more ways to help people. Craig Donofrio lists for Main Street six ways to avoid becoming a monster. Just Jekyll First, do not forget how important empathy is in general—if employees believe …

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