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Empathy: The Difference between Employment and Implosion

An ability to treat other people with fundamental respect and consideration is a critical part of leadership. Virtually all of us have it to some degree—some more naturally than others—but leaders must take conscious steps to increase their empathy and emotional intelligence. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Annie ...

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3 Specific Ways to Be a Better Boss

When manager Avery Augustine’s boss resigned, her team was brought into a new department, where the new boss asked her questions about her team—questions she could not answer. From that experience, she derived three solid tips for becoming a better manager. Lessons Learned First, Augustine says to schedule one-on-one meetings ...

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4 Tips to Dojo for Collaborative Programming

When a development team “throws down at the dojo,” the result might not look as exciting as it would at a judo dojo, but it could be just as rewarding. In an article for ITworld, Kristin Burnham explains that a dojo is another form of collaborative programming, where a handful ...

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